Tired from LaTeX tedious coding? Try LyX!

I was really tired from latex and it’s extremely tedious way of writing every equation. Of course, the resulting documents from latex are wonderfully organized and perfect for all scientific purposes.

For example, writing equations with latex is horribly complicated… It’s almost a rule whenever you use latex that you miss a bracket that your latex compiler complains or you get the wrong equation. So what’s wrong with the philosophy “What You See Is What You Get”? Nothing except that people often feel they don’t have the same degree of freedom.

The question is: Is there a way to use the full power and facilities of latex, without the suffer one has to live with it? I think the answer is Yes! The answer is LyX.

LyX is a software that’s based on latex, where it codes latex in the background. It can do everything latex does, with all the freedom you require in latex (that could go to the level of looking into the source), while at the same time, you could work in an environment of “What You See Is What You Get” (at least for equations). LyX in reality uses the philosophy “What You See Is What You Mean”, which is the same philosophy of latex but with no coding, except that you can see how your text looks like in the parts that matter, like text style and equations and figures.

In the worst case, if LyX has a function does not have a function that latex has, one can still write latex code inside lyx!

People who’re used to using latex will definitely complain and say “latex for the win”, while I agree that it’s a matter of taste. But I’m a person who likes dedicating more time on the idea rather than on styling, especially when it comes to documentation. There’s no doubt that making the same document on LyX takes much less time than it does on LaTeX. Therefore, the question rises: Why should I spend more time on coding when I still can do the same with a better tool?

Try lyx, and try to make use of it. It does nothing but make you spend half as much time you do to write an article in a scientific journal.

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