Should we trust eBay? Short answer: No!

Unlike all large corporations that try to become famous and trustworthy through good products, eBay proves, day after day, that they become famous by monopolizing the internet selling business.

Every time, and I really have to say this clearly: Every time I sell something on eBay there has to be something hidden in the deal. From the outside, they write that your offer costs: 0.00. But would it end there? Definitely not! You sell your product and you’re happy, but eventually you get an invoice that you have to pay something like 3%-5% of the price of whatever you sold.

If one reads the policy of eBay in their help section, one will find that they clearly state that personal selling is free for up to 20 items per month. What does this mean in the real world? Nothing whatsoever! They still charge you.

In the following picture, you see that I sold components from my older computer. They charge me for them, although I’m not selling them as commercial.


eBay charges you for personal transactions, even though they clearly say that there are no charges for up to 20 items of noncommercial deals (click to view full size).

I’m not happy as a customer. What should I do? Of course, they have no e-mail to contact, because although they suck millions from customers through a robot server that practically doesn’t cost anything, they can’t hire some customer service to answer your questions! So, if you have a problem, please use the non-free phone number, where they’ll make you pay more than the amount you’re complaining about with your phone!

Is this the only time? Not really… I don’t remember once when I sold stuff with eBay peacefully with no problems.

Let me top that with a nice story. Like a few years ago, I was stupid enough not to use PayPal and buy a processor for 400 euros. The seller didn’t send anything and it turned out it’s a scam. How did the guy do it? He simply put an external picture (from outside eBay) which was white. And after the payment, he changed the external link to contain text that says “The item will be sent with no insurance, and the buyer will be responsible”. I realized the trick, and informed eBay. Did they help? Actually they didn’t even try! They made me pay around 45 euros for phone calls with them, but they did nothing! They didn’t cooperate in any way, and my money was gone.

The morale out of this? Don’t use eBay unless you must. Because there’s always something hidden in their “copy of the rules” that you won’t know about until you’re given a good hit.


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